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Cells, from which a human being is born are called stem cells. Every such cell copies itself many times, which leads to appearance of an embryo. In nine months, a completely viable fetus appears out of these cells.

Human body contains an enormous number of cells, however, among those ordinary cells only a few of them are stem cells.

Scientists have discovered a unique mechanism of cell ageing. When copied, cell DNA folds into a structure called a “chromosome”. At the ends of chromosomes certain parts were discovered, which were named telomeres and looked like protective caps. With each copy of the chromosome, telomeres get shorter. When their length decreases to zero, a cell they are protecting dies. Scientists call this effect a “genetic clock”.

Scientists have proven that the longest telomeres can be found in young specimen. Older the human – shorter the telomeres. Because of that, it is possible to determine the real, biological age of a human.

However, these biological clocks are stopped in stem cells, which is why telomeres in them are the longest of all. Which is why when a stem cell copies itself, while decreased in length, their telomeres are longer than in usual cells.

If there are enough these cells in any given organ, it does not age.

After conducting numerous studies, scientists have found a direct link between telomere shortening in humans and an increased risk for many diseases. To combat ageing and related diseases, therapy involving patient’s own autologous stem cells is used. First, a sample of patient’s blood is retrieved. Then, autologous stem cells are grown in amounts, necessary for a rejuvenating effect. Stem cells are then transported from the lab back to the clinic, where they are injected back into the patient’s bloodstream. The procedure is safe and easy. Then, the cells are transported across the organism to organs that need them.

Inside the body, they act in two ways. First, they produce specific molecules that have a massive stimulating effect on the entire body. Then, stem cells move to the specific organs in need of regeneration.

Every damaged organ produces inflammation molecules into the bloodstream. Stem cells recognize these molecules and seek these damages. Whenever stem cells find them, they stop and begin to replicate themselves. Replication continues for as long as the organ needs to repair itself. After the regeneration, organ in question gets new copies of cells with longer telomeres, thus rejuvenating its cell structure.

This way not only ageing is stopped but a person is cured of many other diseases.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

This technology is working with autologous (patient’s own) stem cells.

We have a dedicated biotechnological lab, which allows us to grow and work with stem cells. These stem cells are then used for our patented anti-ageing approach to work on a molecular level. This sets us apart from our competition, as most of our competitors do not control the entire process of growth and practical application of stem cells.

Despite the fact that human stem cells have an enormous regenerative potential, biological age reflects on them as well. Throughout life, at different ages, different genes are activated and deactivated within a person’s cells. The thing is, human DNA contains the same genes but with time, “young” genes are deactivated and “aging” genes are activated. ShorDiCell® proprietary technology, provided by Biopro Stem Technology allows to remove the block from “young” genes, allowing cells to return to their initial state.

There are a few reasons:
First, development of a complex biotechnological approach requires a capable laboratory, which, in turn, requires a huge investment that most businesses can’t really afford.

Second, the facility also has to be staffed by professionals, who will understand what is required of them. They are always in high demand in the field. 

Third, the technology is patented, meaning that any approach our competition may offer would be entirely different from the technology and processes we use in our services.

It’s completely safe. The method was developed for use only with client’s own (autologous) stem cells, which means there’s a zero chance of rejection. This method underwent strict clinical trials, during the course of which no side effects or contraindications were found.

We always use objective control methods in our work. Before we rejuvenate the cells we always do a telomere length test. The shorter (smaller) the telomeres, the older the cell. One year after the set of procedures has been administered, the test is repeated and telomeres are checked again.Our clients can get an extensive report on their real biological age and the state of their body. Find out more about it in Gallery and Offers sections of the website or schedule a meeting with us.