Our differences

Anti-Age Biotech is an industry leader that has a unique approach to treating ageing, based in our stem cell-based procedures and fundamentally different from what existing competition offers.

  • Compared to the usual beauty industry approaches that work exclusively with visual symptoms of ageing, our clinic utilizes stem cell therapy. Stem cells replace damaged and old cells, dealing with an actual reason for ageing.

  • Our stem cell-based approach has no side effects and leads to true anti-ageing, in contrast with Botox

  • A lot of our competitors prescribe many useless procedures under the guise of “anti-ageing”. They are expensive and usually don’t provide their clients with expected results. We offer only one – but it has scientific data behind it, which testifies to its effectiveness

Our strengths

  • More than 10 years of practical application of stem cells for anti-ageing. This much time on the market testifies to the quality of our services.

  • We have our own international level laboratory and clinic. Many competitors don’t have that and cannot guarantee the quality of stem cells.

  • Anti-Age Biotech has a leading position in the market because we adhere to high standards of quality and safety. Our adherence is proven by numerous international awards we have received.

Our awards

Anti-age Biotech is an anti-aging company that provides cutting edge approaches to anti-ageing, staffed with professionals and employs the latest anti-ageing technologies, including proprietary ShorDiCell® stem cell manipulation technology.

Our main partner is Biopro Stem Technology, a world-class company, responsible for the development of the ShorDiCell® stem cell manipulation technology.

Biopro Stem Technology has received multiple international prizes, including awards from Business Initiative Directions and ESQR’s Quality Achievement award.

ShorDiCell® is the new word in anti-aging technologies. It works on molecular and genetic levels, drastically reducing or even reversing the effects of aging.

Our offers

This section contains general information about our offers. For more information, contact us and book a meeting.

  • Standard
  • Injection of 50 million stem cells
  • Premium
  • Injection of 100 million stem cells
    10 million stem cells for free
    1 anti-age lifting mask for free
  • VIP
  • Injection of 150 million stem cells
    15 million stem cells for free
    3 anti-age lifting masks for free
Services also include:

Free transfer from airport to clinic and back.
Free clinic service, depending on the package chosen.
Free cell therapy consultation

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