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The revolutionary method for stopping aging

Many companies today now provide various anti-aging services. Unfortunately, even the most experienced buyer won’t be able to navigate the sea of different methods and brands available.

Therefore, if we are to summarise all available information on the topic, it all boils down to three approaches:

1. Chemical solutions (creams, lotions etc), designed to improve the outer appearance of skin. Very few customers know that the water and fat molecules can barely penetrate the skin (which is the reason why our skin doesn’t disintegrate when we’re swimming in the sea or when it is covered by something). The skin is our protective suit for use in our surroundings. Skin is penetrated by certain types of acids, not damaging it, but that means they don’t rejuvenate it either.

2. Injection-based approaches that are favoured by many cosmetologists. This method allows to penetrate the epidermis (the outer layer of skin) but when the chemical or biological solutions get under the skin, they are dissolved in blood. It’s the second line of defence of the human body. All molecules that weren’t in their “places” and came into the body from outside are dissolved by blood and eliminated in the liver. That’s why localised injections lose their effect very quickly and have to be repeated for them to have any considerable effect.

3. Some approaches favour causing micro injuries, which create localised inflammations at points of injury. The reasoning for these methods is that stem cells of the skin are expected to displace old and dead ones. This might be true but only for a time, as the aftermath of this approach imitates new skin but the reality of it is that the patient doesn’t know that old skin barely contains any stem cells and the “offsprings” are also created by an old skin and hence there’s no real rejuvenation. It also has to be considered that if the “new skin” is to be subjected to micro traumas repeatedly, then keloid scars will start to appear as a result and keloid scars are irreversible.

The general partner of Anti-age Biotech center is a BioPro Stem Technology

The general partner of Anti-age Biotech center is a world-class company BioPro Stem Technology. The company have developed a high-tech product called ShorDiCell®, which has been successfully used in clinical practice as well as in aesthetic medicine.

Due to the most modern equipment in compliance with modern international standards of biological safety in the work with the human biological material, BioPro Stem Technology has all the necessary capabilities for working with human stem cells.

The international organization Business Initiative Directions awarded (2015  year, Paris) the company BioPro Stem Technology with the International Star Award for Quailty, GOLD Category 2015.

BioPro Stem Technologies was awarded for Quality management is hereby declared the winner of the ESQB’S Quality Achievements Award (2017, London) in the GOLD Category.

What a person that wants to not just look young but be biologically young as well?

That’s where our patented ShorDiCell® technology comes to the rescue.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does this technology do?

The basis of this technology is working with autologous (client’s own) stem cells.

Many anti-aging businesses advertise their own stem cell approaches. How is this technology different?

We have a dedicated biotechnological lab and that allows us to actually work with, create stem cells and apply anti-aging methods to them on a molecular level. This sets us apart from other companies that advertise their stem cell approaches but don’t actually alter them at a structural level.

What’s the main idea behind this technology?

Despite the fact that human stem cells have an enormous regenerative potential, biological age reflects on them as well. Throughout life, at different ages, different genes are activated and deactivated within person’s cells. The thing is, human DNA contains same genes but with time, “young” genes are deactivated and “aging” genes are activated. ShorDiCell® proprietary technology allows to remove the block from “young” genes, allowing cells to return to their initial state.

Why don’t other companies offer similar services?

Firstly, development of a complex molecular technology requires a capable laboratory, which, in turn, requires a huge investment that most businesses can’t really afford.

Second, a highly educated and trained staff is required, which means there is a low availability of qualified employees to perform the tasks needed to offer this service.
Third, the technology is patented, meaning that any approach they may offer would be entirely different from the technology and processes we use in our services.

How safe is it?

It’s completely safe. First of all, the method was developed for use strictly with client’s own (autologous) stem cells, meaning your body won’t reject them during re-introduction. This method was developed at the request of several cosmetology centres and underwent a very strict trial in 2010, during the course of which no side effects or contraindications were found. Our highly trained staff will answer your questions, consider your suggestions and then will prepare you for the visit.

How can you measure the effectiveness and success of the treatment?

We always use objective control methods in our work. Before we rejuvenate the cells we always do a telomere length test. The shorter (smaller) the telomeres, the older the cell. One year after the set of procedures, the test is repeated and telomeres are checked again. We also employ additional digital methods of monitoring the state of skin, body and inner organs. Our clients can get an extensive report on their real biological age and the state of their body. You can find out more about that in Gallery and Offers sections of the website.

How much does it cost?

To determine the price you will need to choose the offer package in the Offers section of the website and then contact our specialist in any way that is suitable for you. According to the needs of your body (age, gender, weight, etc.), our specialist will create a personalised roadmap of your anti-aging procedures.

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Client testimonials

Method works and I feel fantastic. I’d also like to thank the staff, they were professional, polite and kind. Issues I came with are fixed now and should there be anymore, I know whom I’m going to choose next.

Vanda Green10.03 2017

Many thanks to the Anti-age Biotech staff for being attentive and professional. They did exceptional work and the result was every bit as satisfying. I’ll recommend Anti-age Biotech to everyone.