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    at the molecular and genetic level


Modern technologies

We employ the newest approaches in anti-aging and the cutting edge tech to ensure a high success rate for our clients, providing them with results they need and making them look younger in the process.

Qualified staff

Every member of the staff is a highly qualified professional, trained to employ state of the art solutions to stop aging and the best possible care money can buy, to our clients.

Quality guarantee

Anti-age Biotech ensures the highest standards of service and expected results for our clients and we’re willing to back that up with a comprehensive guarantee.

Newest in biotechnologies now available for you

Anti-age Biotech is an anti-aging company that provides cutting edge approaches to skin rejuvenation, staffed with professionals and employing the latest technologies, including a proprietary ShorDiCell® stem cell manipulation technology.

The general partner of the center is a world level company Biopro Stem Technology, a developer of ShorDiCell® technology. The company was repeatedly awarded with international prizes, including Business Initiative Directions and ESQB’S Quality Achievements.

ShorDiCell® is the new word in anti-aging technologies, that works on molecular and genetic levels reducing the effects of aging.

Get to know us

Take a look at our company and see how and with what tech we get our clients younger and healthier

What is the secret of this technology?

Despite the fact that stem cells have an enormous regenerative potential, biological age takes their toll on them as well. Different genes are activated and deactivated within person’s cells throughout life.

Human DNA contains same genes but with time, “young” genes are deactivated and “aging” genes are activated.

ShorDiCell® proprietary technology allows to remove the block from “young” genes. This, in turn, blocks “aging” genes, allowing cells to return to their initial, younger state.

Client testimonials

Method works and I feel fantastic. I’d also like to thank the staff, they were professional, polite and kind. Issues I came with are fixed now and should there be anymore, I know whom I’m going to choose next.

Vanda Green10.03 2017

Many thanks to the Anti-age Biotech staff for being attentive and professional. They did exceptional work and the result was every bit as satisfying. I’ll recommend Anti-age Biotech to everyone.


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It’s absolutely safe.

Our anti-aging method was developed for use strictly with client’s own (autologous) stem cells, meaning your body won’t reject them when they are reintroduced.

This method was developed at the request of several cosmetology centres and underwent a very strict trial in 2010, during the course of which no side effects or contraindications were found. The highly trained staff of our company will answer your questions, consider your suggestions and then will prepare you for the visit.

We will always provide an explanation for everything in a professional manner and will make sure that your stay with us will be successful and comfortable.